• 2011
    Winner in 2011Zeynep RüstemoğluForum Mühendislik Reklam Otomotiv İnşaat Bilgi. Tıb. Cih. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
  • 2012
    Winner in 2012Nurcan ÖzdemirEPSA Yalıtım Ambalaj Yapı Kimyasalları Ltd. Şti.
  • 2013
    Winner in 2013Feride Aytül ErçilVistek Isra Vision Yapay Görme ve Otomaston San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
  • 2014
    Winner in 2014Göknur AtalayGY Mühendislik Mimarlık A.Ş.
  • 2015
    Winner in 2015Mevlüde Uygunİdil Bebe
  • 2016
    First Winner in 2016Tülin YazıcıDress Best Uniforms
  • 2016
    Second Winner in 2016Şule MeneŞule Mene Health Research, Training and Consultancy
  • 2017
    Winner in 2017Hande ÇilingirInsider
  • Winner in 2017Sevginar Baştekin1K Kimya
Total Number of Women Entrepreneurs in Turkey 120.000*
Total Number of Applications to Date 34.284
The winners of "2017 Turkey's Women Entrepreneur Competition" are announced

Success Stories

Many women entrepreneurs who have been doing business across Turkey, who brought a different perspective to business life, who produce, earn as they produce, and provide benefits to all segments of society as they produce, and who overcome obstacles in social life and pertinaciously keep going have written their own success stories. These success stories that women entrepreneurs have written also continue to be a source of inspiration for many women.


Dreming to be a chemist since her childhood, Baştekin graduated Istanbul Technical University’s Chemistry Department as a valedictorian in 1988 and continued her education in Germany.

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Her entrepreneurial life started with a social responsibility project “BilgiAid” which aims to solve the problems of the education system bottom-up in university years. With this enterprise, she won the “Social Project of the Year” award at the Young Entrepreneurs of Turkey (TOYP), a contest organized by JCI (Juniors Chambers International) in 2006.

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She started working at greenhouses while studying at the Faculty of Agriculture of Akdeniz University. After graduation, she started working at the fertilizer company founded by her husband. She sold fertilizer to finance her R & D works on seeds. In 2008, the fertilizer company ceased operations because of the crisis. In 2010, he founded Petektar Seed Company on 40 acres in Antalya.

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Resigning her job, she enrolled in the ITU Incubator Program and started to work with her team in order to realize her dream of producing plastic from olive seeds. On this self-financed journey, laboratory research lasted 2 years.

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Çiftçi, who came across the social responsibility concept at a conference she attended at the age of 14, realized that every child in the world did not receive equal social education and were raised without self-confidence. Departing from this idea, she came together with 100 children at her workshops in Şanlıurfa with 5 friends.

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Yazıcı became interested in uniforms as early as 1995, and through the encouragement of a close friend, founded the business “Dress Best Uniforms.” Today, her designs are seen on the staff of international hotel chains, airlines, hospitals, and other institutions across a wide geography encompassing Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Central Asian Republics...

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Şule Mene first realized that she wanted to work in research and development while working in Kurucaşile, Bartın, as a doctor. After completing her MBA at Harvard Business School, she founded a company in 2002 and has been actively engaged in research in countries including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, and Israel. In addition to these operations, her company carries out studies at centers in the U.S. and Europe. Her next objective is to attract R&D money to Turkey and expand her business in the region....

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Arca Şallıel

Zeynep Arca Şallıel was working as a Project Manager and board member at her family company specializing in tourism investments when she became inspired by small businesses in villages in Italy, Spain, and France. She began to dream of a business model which would merge tourism with production, offering its own wine, vegetables, and top-quality food. She transformed her Arcadian dream into a reality on a plot of land of almost 500 acres, incorporating around 86 acres of grape vines, 50 acres of pear trees, and 2.5 acres of cherry trees, melons, and other plant life...

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At the age of 16, Ayten Çöl took charge of a 495-acre tract of land in Amasya to continue her father’s name. She began to grow a variety of produce, including corn, sugar beet, soy beans, wheat, onions, and potatoes. As the core of the business is centered around seeds, Çöl grows and harvests them for all her produce. She then sells the seeds both domestically and internationally...

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Aslı Elif

Tanuğur’s son experienced high fevers in his infancy and childhood, and through her interactions with doctors regarding his health problems and the scientific articles she read, she learned about a solution for his condition. She discovered that apicultural products can improve the immune system and offer other considerable benefits. Since at the time there was no local production of propolis, a resinous mixture made by bees, she obtains it herself and studies it. Since the substance is not consumed as a raw material, she began to extract it, and witnessed the improvements it generated for her son first-hand. She subsequently realized that the Turkish apicultural industry had the potential to grow, and started the company “SBS Scientific Bio Solutions” in 2013...

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Nardane Kuşçu established Narköy as an organic farm and life center implementing organic agriculture with more than 1,200 local seeds, horses, cows, bees, and a range of vegetation. Kuşçu believes her business will, like a growing child, one day turn into a system that is harmonious with nature, and will provide a setting where technology and the environment work hand-in-hand. She hopes that it will reach a large audience with its message of health, ecology, and sustainability...

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By the age of 59, Ümmiye Koçak had written 11 theater scripts, been married for 32 years, and given birth to three children. She has staged nearly 500 performances with the Arslanköy Women’s Theater Group, and some 30,000 people from across Turkey have watched one of her plays. Koçak generally writes about women’s problems and rebellion against the paternalistic structure of society, but has penned plays that address environmental issues such as climate change as well...

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Being a strong follower of fashion since her youth, Mevlüde Uygun has continued her passion after finishing school as well. Starting her career by opening a 50-squaremeter shop in 1984, Mevlüde Uygun has been going on with İdilbebe brand she established in 1998. She says that she is aiming to make healthy and comfortable products that reflect today's trends with her baby apparel brand...

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Being a house-wife for 13 years, Nuran Özyılmaz took the first step that would change her life in 1990 by saying “I don't want the fate of my 4 daughters to be like mine”, and started sewing at home with the capital she raised by selling her 10 bracelets. She closed her knitting workshop that she operated for 18 years thinking interest in knitwear diminished, and opened her restaurant named “Kars Kaz Evi” in 2008, specialized in goose and the first restaurant in Kars to serve regional dishes...

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We are with women entrepreneurs, the new force of economy!

Application Information

You can reach the details of “Turkey's Woman Entrepreneur Competition” that held in 2016, through here.

Additionally, for all winners;

1-year free subscription to Ekonomist, Capital and Elele magazines
1-year free KAGİDER membership
Private Pension Plan additional contribution payment from Garanti Pension in the amount of 2.500 TL for the winner of “Turkey's Woman Entrepreneur”, and 1.500 TL for the winners of other categories

Distinguished Members of the Jury

Cemal OnaranGaranti Bank - Executive Vice President
Sanem ÖğütWomen Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) – Chairman of the Board of Directors
AteşCapital and Ekonomist Magazines – Editor-in-Chief

Application Requirements

who reside in Turkey,
who are the majority partners in their companies,
whose companies have an annual turnover of less than 40 million TL

can apply for “Turkey's Woman Entrepreneur Competition”.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria will vary based on the category, and the applications will be evaluated based on criteria such as risk taking and courage, effective customer relations management, differentiation in the marketing activities, financial structure, contribution to and creating a difference for the local economy, environmental consciousness, and offering innovative and sustainable solutions for a social problem.

The number indicated is the approximate number of women entrepreneurs registered at Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.